014 : Mirrorshades w/ Adam Koebel

The game Shadowrun has a long history, and we take some time to talk to Adam Koebel about 1st Edition Shadowrun, his show Mirrorshades, and the journey our beloved game has undergone over the course of it’s life, for good or for bad.

Chit-Chat / Catching Up

  • BOBBY – Vacation in DC – Library of Congress was awesome.
  • CASSIE – Latest episode on Emerald Grid revealed a Drake & I was a SHARK!


  • NONE!


  • Robert Woford  I think I have it down but want to verify, a materialized spirit gains Immunity to normal weapons, this gives it armor equal to 2X Essence which acts as Hardened Armor? there is a lot of jumping to different abilities so I was getting confused. Not sure I am allowed to ask a question or not since I have the shirt to prove “I asked Bobby a question”. Not sure if it is one question ever
  • Chris Vandergriff Why is it so hard for Shadowrun game groups to organize into structured teams? They don’t seem to want to accept a hierarchy. They all want the extra dice when someone has the “leadership” skill, but then hardly listen to that individual’s suggestions or directives.

Main Topic – Mirrorshades


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