003 : Shadowrun: Anarchy w/ Mr. Johnson (aka: Cliff)

Mr. Johnson (aka: Cliff) of the Arcology Podcast joins us to talk about the brand new Shadowrun: Anarchy rules that just came out!

Chit-Chat / Catching Up






–Chris (@KtownPatriot)

  • In what ways if any does Anarchy allow for the creation and play of Prime/Legendary characters?

Main Topic – Shadowrun: Anarchy — [end @ 9:50]

Anarchology Podcast

  • A new set of episodes on the Arcology Podcast that will focus on discussing Shadowrun: Anarchy related topics.

Rundown of mechanics

  • Cue System / Narrative GMing
  • Plot Points
  • Edge

Guest Q&A



  • Favorite 5th Edition book?
  • favorite 5th edition index?


–Chris (@KtownPatriot)

  • Mr. J, Which of your house rules would you most like to see made official?
  • Setting aside role playing, what is your favorite past time to enjoy with the whole family?


–Matt Hendrickson (@L0g41n)

  • If only one of your characters could become canonical, which one would it be, and why?

–Join the Anarchy (@TwitchAnarchy)

  • What are some of the topics you want to tackle first for the upcoming Anarchology Podcast?


  • When are we gonna get some new offerings from Prismshard!?



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From me, Cassie, and our lovely guest… Bye!

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