004 : Aztechnology w/ Guard-a-Manger

We are joined by Joel DiPippa who helps us learn about Aztechnology. They’re not JUST the terrifying practitioners of blood magic that you think they are. They make the things you like!

Joel DiPippa

  • Plays Guard-a-Manger on the Hidden Grid actual play podcast – http://www.hiddengrid.com/
  • Food, spirits, and men’s style blogger at http://southernash.com/


Chit-Chat / Catching Up

  • The listeners voted – Bobby is going to open his Buffy figurines.
  • Bobby will be on the Join the Anarchy Twitch stream on Monday Nov 7 at 8:30PM EST – https://www.twitch.tv/jointheanarchy



Main Topic – Aztechnology

  • One of the original megacorps formed from ORO Corporation (collaberation of drug cartels), given a “golden ticket” from the corporate court.
  • Meta-Azzie – Quetzalcoatl v. Tezcatlipoca (Or why Joel believes an evil or twisted Great Dragon/Free Spirit is behind Aztechnology)
  • What makes Aztechnology such an enduring “villain” between the other megacorps?
  • Aztechnology has legendary and subtle PR techniques and tactics. 

NEXT EPISODE – Lee Stone joins us to talk about Memorable NPCs and How to RP Them

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  • Eric da’MAJ
  • Brennan Blair
  • Jacob Heid


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