006 : DocWagon w/ Kevin Czarnecki

Kevin Czarnecki talks DocWagon with us. We really take a good deep dive in exploring this AA megacorp and how it fits into the Sixth World of Shadowrun.

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS – Jacob Heid & James O’Neil

Kevin Czarnecki

Chit-Chat / Catching Up

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  • BOBBY – Do you run holiday-themed runs?
  • CASSIE –  Ran Matrix WetWork job. Crew had to kill a target in a UV Host. Succeed by 1 hit point. Tense and lot of fun.



  • Scott Flowers Magic has a starting value from 1 to 6 (or 7 with the Exceptional Attribute quality)… The maximum value of your Magic attribute (if you have one) is 6 + your initiation level” – SR5 CRB p. 278. If you have Exceptional Quality (Magic) and get Magic 7 at start, doesn’t that directly contradict your max being 6 + initiation level?
  • Florian Urbanek I’m building a cat shaman and I was wondering, in your opinion, if the exceptional attribute: Magic was worth the karma cost?

Main Topic – DocWagon


NEXT EPISODE: Ozzkore – The Role of Shadowrunners in the Sixth World


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