009 : Cutting Aces w/ Kevin Czarnecki

A new sourcebook for social-focused characters! We have Kevin Czarnecki on the show to talk about Cutting Aces, a book that is quite monumental in Shadowrun history as it seems to be the first “face book” in the game’s history.

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS – Jacob Heid & James O’Neil

Kevin – Shadowrun freelance author

Chit-Chat / Catching Up

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  • Scott Flowers  Are there any official rules for the purchase of used cars at reduced cost but with quirks or disadvantages? IE a 20,000¥ Toyota Gopher with body rust that reduces its armor or body or a 9,000¥ Harley Scorpion that backfires horribly and reduces Social Limits?
    • Vehicle Called Shots R&G p.115, Fixin’ That Old Beater R&G p.143
    • Rigger 5 p.170
  • Ultralord  After the last question you answered about Dual Natured beings, I would like to ask if said Dual Natured beings have any way to actually go and stay at certain metaplanes?I ask this because on Howling Shadows, they introduced the Blackjack and Anarch, which are the mirrored version of Shadowrunners in their metaplane of Zecorporatum.And, if that’s the case, Dual Natured creatures like the HMHVV can go and hide there? Provided they found a way to drain essence of their own way, but that’s very unlikely.

Main Topic – Cutting Aces


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