013 : The Laesa w/ Russell Zimmerman

We dig into Elven history and their special brand of organized crime in our episode on the Laesa crime syndicate in Shadowrun. Russell Zimmerman joins us to give us his expertise as the authority on all things Elvish.

New Patrons! – Paul Higdon, Matt Johnson, and Osye Pritchett

Chit-Chat / Catching Up

  • BOBBY – Patreon changes, next episode will be late, half a year!
  • CASSIE – Writing runs for Patreon, and hosting one-shots for SCN and Roll20


  • NONE!


  • Eric Languirand  One little question regarding matrix icons, if they’re not running silent and are within 100m do you have their locations? If they are silent and you find them with a perception check (for example a camera) do you have to put 2 marks on it and use the trace icon actions to know where it is?
  • Chris Vandergriff I forget, in Shadowrun, what the percentage of the population was killed off by the Vitas plague. Given the appropriate population reduction, can you explain how the general urban/rural communities would restructure?

Main Topic – Laesa


NEXT EPISODE: Mirrorshades – Adam Koebel


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