015 : Aquacologies w/ Todd Gizzi

The ocean is a deep and terrifying place full of all sorts of dangers you are probably not prepared for. Aquacologies are cities that the corps build to try to stake their claim. We talk with Todd Gizzi about the threats that we face when sent on a run into these places.

Chit-Chat / Catching Up

  • BOBBY – Dermatologist, Does everyone hate April Fool’s Day now?
  • CASSIE –

News / Stuff

  • New Show – Tales From the Stuffer Shack
  • Todd found out he was a drake.


  • Paul Higdon  Agents. I’m trying to understand why I want one…especially for decking, but their general use would be welcome also. I can’t find a lot out there on best practices, common uses that makes me see how to incorporate them into my character.
  • Ralf Stauder  What, if any, programs, apps, or tools do you use when running a local round of Shadowrun (both as player and GM), and which functions of those tools (e.g. a character generator is great before the game, but during the run, you would only use it to display your character’s values). Which functions are you still missing or would like to see at some point?

Main Topic – Aquacologies


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