016 : Magical Traditions w/ Dylan Stangel

Magic is a mysterious force which guides and shapes much of the sixth world. Naturally, many people in the world of Shadowrun have opinions about where this force comes from, and the proper way to wield it. In this episode we discuss those varied magical traditions with Shadowrun freelancer Dylan Stangel.

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  • Keith King Just heard Ep14, what an insightful guy Adam is. Both Bobby and Cassie as always enjoyable but please get Adam back again. Great episode. Also Cassie you said that you would leave the hardened armour roll 20 macro in the show notes. If you could sort that out that would be sweet. Top work guy, I really enjoy your stuff.
  • Ralf Stauder 
  • The food episode begs the following questions:
  • What remains of rural America in the Sixth World (after corporate buyout, nation-state separation, wildlife awakening, and etc.)?
    • It’s all Centaur reservations & Amish territory. Okay that’s only partly true. Rural America is sparsely covered in SR lore. Much of it went back to the NAN, other areas really are centaur reservations, privatized farmsteads like today, and a hot ground of eco protection or terrorist activity. Howling Shadows continued the narrative of protected areas being turned into a harvestable natural resource and the eco terrorist fighting against this.
  • Is food shortage still a regular problem among first world nations by the 2070s (excluding the sinless)?
    • Sometimes. The general food shortages have been resolved but even a small disruption can cause it to be an issue. An example is early 2070s Aztland’s war with Amazonia and the destruction of food sources by Sirrug caused a famine in Atlanz. This example goes to show that food shortage is still a significant concern even if it’s not the top worry today.
  • Has food production become more localized (arcology) or centralized (Aztech)?
    • Centralized. The Big 10 still control the world’s food sources. Aztech & Shiawese are the leading people on this front. Sk & Horizon have a significant hand in it. Renraku has some buy in as well with Nestle bottling. Food in general is still very much in the hands of the corps.
  • Has Sixth World move away from Western diet? Or just disguises with substitute?
    • Disguised it with substitutes. Example is “McHugh” which is an obvious McDonald’s parody still sells burgers they are just now ‘soy’. The restaurant Meat World also sell soy. Japanese, Elven, Salish, and other foods have gained a massive marketplace in SixthWorld thanks to the corps but the Western diet is still alive. It just is now soy burgers, cheese substitute, and milkfree shakes.

Main Topic – Magical Traditions


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