018 : Forbidden Arcana w/ Kevin Czarnecki

Take a close look at the newest Shadowrun sourcebook, Forbidden Arcana. We are joined by freelance author, Kevin Czarnecki, who gives us some insight on some of the stories, lore, and systems that were introduced with this book.

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    • Friday, June 15th @ 10PM… ish
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  • Keith King (PATRON) – Hi guys, loved hearing Cliff last week what a dead set legend he is. I loved how you all were able to have a rule disagreement without any f-bombs being dropped and the virtue of your mothers being called into question. Something my group and I can’t seem to manage 🙂 I might have to watch Bill and Ted’s Ex Ad again for some guidance. 🙂
    Anyway over to my question.
    Given this week is about magic, I have an aura question. Mainly how far does an aura extend past the body. As a GM I would rule that full body armour would still have a bit of aura extending past it, but what about a rigger in his cacoon or the mystery figure in thick robes or even the ganger leaning on the closed door in front of you or the Bandersnatch in the thick bushes/behind a tree in front of you. Where would you draw the line for an automatic success.
    I understand there are various ways to modify how you aura is viewed through metamagic I was speaking purely from a detection standpoint.


  • Chris Vandergriff (PATRON) – Catalyst has been doing a great job with the sourcebooks. Why has it been so difficult to get new novels?

Main Topic – Forbidden Arcana


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