021 : Roleplaying w/ Ozzkore

Seeing as how Shadowrun is a ROLEPLAYING game, we figured it was about time to discuss some social and philosophical issues surrounding roleplay and if it’s possible to do it right or wrong. We are joined by Ozzkore of Join the Anarchy.

Chit-Chat / Catching Up

  • BOBBY – Zoe is at summer camp this week.
  • OZZ – Recorded Tales from the Stuffer Shack on Tuesday.  Prepping my tabletop group for the Renraku Arcology Shutdown in Shadowrun Anarchy rules.My cat had dental surgery so there went my money!

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  • Stephen Atkins
    I live in a small town after living in big cities for most of my life.  We’re lucky enough to have a real gaming store here where MTG and Warhammer are the biggest games.  The only two RPG’s available in the store are Pathfinder and DnD 5e which is no surprise.  I’ve been a runner since 2nd ed but retired when 3rd came out.  A couple (or three) moves later I find my self here and wanted to start a local group.

    Since most people here have never even heard of shadow run I’m looking for a couple of good canned runs I can put a new group who have never played before.  Of course there is “Fast Food Fight” and I’ll use that the first night but I’m a little lost on what to do next.  I really like the idea of using the Missions.  Would something like Splintered State be a good starting point?  Of course all of this is some what conditional on the type of players I can find and how many.

    Thank for the feed back.
    Stephen aka Phantom Nomad

  • Lazlo Zingo – I don’t think you’ve answered this one… but there is so much content now. Time for a Q/A index for this and SixthWorldPodcast? 🙂  Anyway, if a Mage is sustaining a spell and then goes astral can he continue to sustain the spell or does it go poof? Thank you in advance!

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