023 : Stream-a-Thon! w/ Kevin Czarnecki

An all Q&A episode during the Shadowcasters Network 36-Hour Stream-a-Thon! We have Shadowrun freelance author Kevin Czarnecki on to help us answer them!

Chit-Chat / Catching Up

  • Stream-a-Thons are hard.

News / Stuff

  • Gen Con Shadowrun Podcasters Panel


  • Matthew Gilliland – As I understand it CFD was introduced to limit and draw back some of the excesses of 4th Edition, yet it also appears to be the meta plot. Can you explain what is actually going on with this? I know that it is part of the Boston Lock Down and that it is probably connected to a dragon that is also an E-Ghost. I also came across something that was describing a colony on Mars where the more sane ones were going to live. I don’t know what do with it and leave it out of my games due to my lack of knowledge. 
    Can you shed some light on this?
  • Soymage – For everyone in the discussion, what is the most under rated knowledge skill to use
  • Jason Gregory – I’m having some trouble with my runners and my runs I can’t seen go get them to fallow my leads and thay just wants to fuck around
  • Dustin Hartrick – Hello! I run a d&d game full of totally new players. I am trying to gracefully transition the game into shadowrun without players feeling forced into number crunch rules hell. Any advice on how to get them introduced to the SR universe/ruleset without them totally rejecting it outright?
  • Thomas Miller – What would be a good way to deal with player character infection of HMHVV? Am I just missing a piece of a book that explains how that particular process works, and what the dangers are (feral or lucid, and the like)? Or are there no real draw backs aside from the standard, Human > Ghoul / Vampire / Nosferatu (Or whatever meta-type and their equivalents.)
  • Scott Flowers – Do you use house rule the crash rules and if so, how do you house rule them?
  • Eric Lesage – What house rule have you implemented that you find has had the most positive impact on your game? Although mechanical short cuts are usually a good thing in SR(ie. Modified alchemy rules) ot would be interesting if any houserules had a big impact on the tone of and lore created by the game.
  • Scott Sain – Round table question. Do you remember your first run in Shadowrun? If so, what was it? Also what’s your most memorable run GMing or playing?
  • Soymage – what role do you generally not get the most in your teams? Matrix, Vehicles, Magic, Combat, Social, or Other?
  • Scott Sain – Ritual Magic… nobody seems to know a whole lot about it.



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