026 : Seelie Court w/ Opti

Enter the enchanted world of the fae and learn about the mysteries of the Seelie Court in Shadowrun. Nothing is ever quite as it seems, and our favorite Crow Shaman, Opti, helps guide us.

Chit-Chat / Catching Up

  • BOBBY – New door, last Actual Play session, and website comments.

News / Stuff

  • Sixth World Podcast is one year old!


  • Daniel Barkum  How do you handle distance when out comes to hosts? When I read the description in the core rulebook it says that hosts have no physical location, but that on the matrix it seems to have a location related to a physical one but with a distance to the “ground” related to its importance. That doesn’t really make sense to me though. Distance increases the noise, so the more important a host is the higher the noise rating will be for anyone to get in? Seems a bit harsh…
  • Cory Barnes  Hey Bobby, Cassie, and anyone else out there, I hope all is well in your lives. I want to preface my question with a brief background, I’ve been a consistent listener to many podcasts (most of which are shadowrun related) and have thoroughly enjoyed the content you guys and all of the other shadowcasters put out there, I have always dabbled with the idea of getting into radio/podcasting/recording and well you guys have really inspired me with the amount of “success” the shadowcasters community has been getting. So my actual question is, do you have any advice for someone like myself who would like to get involved in podcasting and other shadowrun related media content?

Main Topic – Seelie Court


NEXT EPISODE: Space w/ Todd Gizzi


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