028 : RPG Development w/ Jason Hardy

We are joined by Shadowrun Line Developer Jason Hardy to talk to us about developing for RPGs, the hard decisions that have to be made when publishing Shadowrun, and the future of our favorite game.

Chit-Chat / Catching Up

  • BOBBY – The state fair and America’s Greatest Camel Show

News / Stuff

  • Join the Anarchy finale
  • Our new show “Headcases” is coming!


  • Ross D’Souza  When you cast improved invisibility on a character, what does this look like in astral space? (from what I understand they look bright due to the spell cast) Therefore is there a way of being sneaking in both real world and astral at the same time via spells?
  • Ross D’Souza  With astral signatures, I understand that when you cast you leave a signature that can be traced unless it’s cleaned. So with a fireball, there’s a signature that’s left in astral space for X hours unless cleaned. What happens when the target of a spell can move, e.g. invisibility? Does the signature follow or stay where the spell was originally cast, or something else?

Main Topic – RPG Development


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