029 : The Complete Trog w/ Scott Schletz

We discuss all things ork and troll in this review / overview of The Complete Trog. Shadowrun freelance author Scott Scheltz joins us in our discussion!

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  • TJ Payne (PATRON)  First, I feel like the best way to get your hands on a new rpg system is to play with people better than you. Are there any places to join in runs with some people who can show me the ropes without my presence impeding on their own experience? I’ve done 3 sessions with my buddies so far, and while we’re having a great time, I’m still confused as drek with a good 99% of the game, all the way to double checking dodge and soak rules every fight, or just discovering we were doing initiative wrong (and still probably are), and the last thing I want to do is hop onto ShadowNet or RunnerHub and slow people down.

    Second, where is a good place to purchase pdfs for the game? I’ve always used books for all my rpgs, but since Catalyst has… Well… “Catalyst problems”, the need for an errata and index is huge. I sort of remembered hearing that the pdfs get errata updated, or am I totally crazy?
  • Joseph Carey – Hello Folks. I’m pretty new to Shadowrun and have noticed that across games a lot of players and GM’s seem to abide pretty closely to the setting’s lore (particularly compared to D&D). Is this typical to games you’ve played? What makes the history and setting so integral to Shadowrun? Have you ever messed around with major plot elements, factions, or major events? Keep up the great work and best of luck with the shadowcaster’s network.

Main Topic – The Complete Trog


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