030 : Shapeshifters w/ Patrick Goodman

We discuss shapeshifters in the sixth world of the Shadowrun tabletop rpg. Learn what they are, how they integrate with the world, and how to get started creating one.

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  • Ross D’Souza (PATRON)  The rulebooks are generally centred around the American continent and hence also the stats are focused with that in mind. Would you change or tweak anything if you were basing a campaign in a different place? What areas would you consider and think about.I was wondering on your opinions as I’ve just started running a game (first Shadowrun GMing! – so many rules!) based around the London Sprawl and Cambridge (as we are all British). We decided to tweak the weapon availability ratings as weapons in UK are currently pretty much illegal and we wanted to continue this feeling through to the Sixth World. So we’ve bumped up non-R-availability weapons to R-availability weapons, and R-availability weapons to F-availability weapons (with a couple exceptions in line with current British law). Of course this applies to the nationally run areas, and extraterratoriality of the relevant corps are exempt – but if you’re totting guns around a corp area, you’d have other problems. Also it’s not like underground organisations and shady areas don’t have them. It’s just above board, it’s cracked down upon a lot more and their reactions are more appropriate with that in mind.
  • John Schleiber – In one of my groups, I have a player who’s very opposed to the whole direction the metaplot of Shadowrun has been taking. This player is a transplanted Cyberpunk player, and only plays technological-based characters — deckers, riggers and the like. He doesn’t want anything to do with magic personally, and he’s very unhappy that Shadowrun seems to push the magic angle of the metaplot. He’d like to see a return to more technology-oriented metaplot elements, but he’s losing hope of that happening.I’m wondering if any of you have played with characters like this, who are recalcitrant to accepting the mix of elements in the game to the point of stubbornness, and how you’d work to either change their minds on the concept, or at least work their objections into your runs.

Main Topic – Shapeshifters


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