031 : Artifacts w/ Ozzkore

Dragon eggs, magical statues, enchanted fruitcakes… Artifacts in Shadowrun are mysterious (and sometimes hilarious). Ozzkore of Join the Anarchy joins us on this episode as we talk about the magical macguffins known as artifacts in the sixth world.

Chit-Chat / Catching Up

  • BOBBY – Wendy’s disillusionment…
  • OZZKORE – Still stuffed from Thanksgiving

News / Stuff

  • Dark Terrors sourcebook just got released!


  • Will Schottler  Why do you think that Jackpoint no longer has date and time stamps on responses?
  • Alightgrift (Discord)  What does Hooding mean to you? Small acts of kindness, heroic sacrifice, inciting major change in your Sprawl? Etc

Main Topic – Artifacts


NEXT EPISODE: Dark Terrors


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