032 : Dark Terrors w/ Brooke Chang

Shedim, elder gods, ghouls, CFD cures… we talk about it all in this dive we take into the newest Shadowrun sourcebook, Dark Terrors. Come listen as we are joined by freelance author, Brooke Chang, to talk about this creepy crawly book!

Chit-Chat / Catching Up

  • BOBBY – Wendy’s rebuttal
  • BROOKE – Rusty Zimmerman fandom kept her in Shadowrun.


  • Lazlo Zingo (PATRON)  The last sentence of Killing Hands says,”Your Killing Hands attacks are magical, so they can bypass a creature’s magical defenses against attack, such as the Immunity to Normal Weapons power, and may be used by adepts with Astral Perception during astral combat.”
    1. Are there other “magical defenses against attack” besides Immunity to Normal Weapons that Killing Hands bypasses?
    It says “such as” so that implies there is more than one power it bypasses. The critter power of Regeneration seems to be another. Are there others? Mystic Armor?
    2. How does Killing Hands help during Astral Combat?
    The final line “may be used by adepts with Astral Perception during astral combat.” What would that accomplish? Normal Astral Combat allows the combatant to choose stun or physical already. [Core page 315 – Damage inflicted from astral combat can be either Stun or Physical (attacker’s choice).] My group is considering allowing the power to let the Adept use their physical attributes instead of mental during Astral Combat. Thoughts?
  • Weaver (DISCORD)  Why is matrix perception a complex action?

Main Topic – Dark Terrors


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