033 : Blood Magic w/ Kevin Czarnecki

Blood Magic is something we’ve all heard about and been told is scary and dangerous in the sixth world of Shadowrun. We talk with Kevin Czarnecki about why blood magic is (or possibly is not) so dangerous and reviled in Shadowrun.

Chit-Chat / Catching Up

  • BOBBY – Crawled on a bathroom floor in Atlanta

News / Stuff

  • Bright movie on Netflix


  • Ross D’Souza  Do you have any thoughts about low Body/Strength characters donning on huge, bulky armour? I only see rules covering +Armour items and limitation there based around Strength.
  • Ross D’Souza – In the Sixth World, what would you be if you could not be a Shadowrunner?

Main Topic – Artifacts


NEXT EPISODE: The Villiers Family w/ Joel DiPippa


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