034 : The Villiers Family w/ Guard-a-Manger

Who knew that the Villiers family was so incredibly involved in all the big things that have happened throughout Shadowrun history? Echo Mirage, Crash 2.0, Dunkelzahn’s will, even Thor Shots! It’s all a part of the history of this family.

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Chit-Chat / Catching Up

  • BOBBY – 2nd Christmas
  • GUARD-A-MANGER – Sieze the GM, Legends of Earthdawn, Origins thoughts

News / Stuff

  • Gen Con tickets on sale Jan 14th


  • Mark Perez– I can’t seem to get my head around the Shadowrun universe. every time I gm it, I sell it as a bleak and dismal place. am I doing it right or am I going too dark?
  • Ross D’Souza If trid phantasm was real, would you use that in a tabletop RPG to make sure the players saw the same thing? (Personally, I’d go for no, as ttRPGs have a magic that is people’s individual imaginations)

Main Topic – The Villiers Family


NEXT EPISODE: Vehicles, Drones, and Riggers w/ Damian Szydlo


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