035 : Riggers w/ Damian Szydlo

Historically, Riggers in Shadowrun have not been given a lot of attention. For that reason, it can be a really difficult archetype to play effectively. Damian Szydlo comes on this episode to tell you the good, the bad, and how to do your best as a Rigger in Shadowrun 5th Edition.

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  • Ross D’Souza– Some of my players have really high edge and never have much use of them.  I’m wondering about introducing other uses of them to give them more options, any ideas?  An idea I thought about was a minor “plot point” like use similar to SR Anarchy (or Fate’s Fate points).
  • alightgrift as life continues to imitate art, in the case of the Shadowrun setting and our own, has it changed the way you think about or interact with the game?

Main Topic – Riggers


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