036 : NeoNET In Memoriam w/ Brooke Chang

The story of NeoNET is one of a megacorporation adapting, changing, reinventing, and winning at all costs. We sit down with Booke Chang to tell the story of this corporate pheonix which has risen from the ashes and fallen for, perhaps, the last time.

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  • The podcast is still ending.


  • Martin Ackerton  Hi Bobby and Cassie. I am a somewhat new GM. My group is really getting into Shadowrun, but we’ve avoided having a matrix character in the group. The players are either uninterested or daunted by the rules. One of my players wants to do the decking, but is afraid that they are going to steal the spotlight too much. How can include a matrix character in their runs without bringing the action to a halt for everyone else and causing them to resent the matrix?
  • Paul McBride  What do you think about having a decker and a technomancer on the same team? Can they work well without overlapping too much? If so, how do they compliment each other?

Main Topic – NeoNET In Memoriam


NEXT EPISODE: The Final Episode… Johnny Spinrad w/ Opti


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