037 : Spinrad w/ Opti

Spinrad and his new AAA megacorporation, SpinGlobal, are set up to be one of the most exciting new members of the Big 10 in a long time… especially for shadowrunners. Opti joins us today to talk about Spinrad, Global Sandstorm, and the middle east of the Sixth World.

Chit-Chat / Catching Up

  • BOBBY – I like numbers

News / Stuff

  • Final episode… ?… yes, it is.
  • Cold Opens Mashup.


  • Darrek Workman  How does the ritual to become a coimeadai in the court of shadows affect the awakened? Can a coimeadai be awakened? The book isn’t clear. In shadowrun cannon through the years there has been an effort to keep magic magical and the matrix technological, hence technomancers cannot also be awakened. It’s always been one or the other allowing the player characters to have different roles in a group. CFD has broken from this principle and I was wondering if the court of shadows did too.
  • Ross D’Souza  If you had to have a single piece of ‘ware (cyber- or bio-), what would you have? (I’d probably go for cybereyes – mine are shoddy and the thought of having AR excites me

Main Topic – Spinrad


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